Thursday, September 6, 2012

homeschool or public school??

To say we have been on the fence about schooling choice is an understatement.  Originally I was NOT going to homeschool Natalie because she is an only child.  Then we started to look at our options and I was totally sold on the Classical Conversations! and picked out All about Reading for Phonics and Math U Can See for Math.  Registered for Classical Conversations and purchased our matierals.  My husband started pushing for public school. My husband is much older and retired from the steel mills.  I am an RN, I work night shift and he is Natalie's care giver while I sleep & work.  They are both very good about letting me get sleep!  He was looking forward to having a break with her going to school.  Public School had their open house so we went to Natalie's elementary school, met her teacher.  Classical conversations wasnt going to start for 2.5 weeks after public school.  He asked me to start her in Kindergarten.  Our district is mandatory full day, five days a week kindergarten.  Natalie has never been away from us that much in any given day.  So we trialed Kindergarten at our public school.  Natalie got off the bus the very first day and said what a great day she had at school.  She hasn't once complained about getting up, the hours at school, or being away from us.  (Insert Mommy's sadness here).  I guess I should be joyful that this hasnt been an emotional or physical hurdle for us to overcome.  She has transitioned right into school, riding the bus, just growing up I guess.  So I have agreed with my husband to have her attend public school.   I will admit already that I'm sure she isn't learning as much as she could with homeschooling, but she says she enjoying it.  So we are going to continue with some learning at home while she remains in public school.  If there is a time where we or her teacher is alarmed with her learning or behavior,  I will then look to homeschooling her.

I do hope you'll stay tuned in here to see what activities we do in addition to her school work!
Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

we are reading The Jesus Storybook Bible

We have books, books and more books!  WE HAVE A LOT!  I wanted a bible that would hold Natalie's attention.  This is the one that I picked up.  I told her that we will TRY to read it every day but if not we will at least see how long it takes us to get through it.  I'm writing the date on the last page.  (Saw this on  Courtney's blog).  Im glad that she has been attentive while we are reading.  To help her, I turn off tv or radio and she's not allowed to have any toys with her when we read.  She's even asking questions!!