Thursday, December 30, 2010

December, the month in review, 2010

The December Christmas sensory tub this month was a HUGE hit, but the excitement over the tub also brought about BRISK play = more rice on the floor than i like.  i've been vacumming daily; but i guess it's worth it.  I am looking forward to bringing out the january tub (no rice) though!  This month we focused on Christmas, and we used both Carisa's Nativity Preschool Pack as well as Erica's Preschool Christmas Activities both were a hit and she wanted to do something each & every day, even Christmas day we were playing with Prekinder's Christmas Pattern block mats!

I'm sorry to see this month end because we have had so much fun with the different activities & crafts.  In Jan, Feb & Mar, I do want to focus on a weekly field trip, just so we can be out of the house.  We live in Ohio and we have pretty intense winters here, and i don't want us to have cabin fever from being inside all the time.  Just have to work around my work schedule......
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas One & All

Wishing everyone a happy, safe & fun Christmas Season!
Natalie is 40 months old.
Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lakeshore Learning Shopping Trip II

Naters is 40 months old!  Was able to take a run to Columbus, OH to the Lakeshore Learning store that opened there.  Purchases are:  Beginning Sounds Match-ups, hand pointer, Lowercase Alphabet Sequence Puzzle, Magnetic uppercase letters,  Magnetic write & wipe lap baord,  No-spill paint cups, Picture Words Bingo, Real working Cash Register, Rhyming Bingo, See & Solve Manipulative Kit, Tissue Paper Squares, Tub O'Letter Practice Cards, Uppercase Alphabet Sequence puzzle, Washable Tempera Paint (case of ), Wrist & Ankle Bells).  I made a large purchase from them in the summer and have been very happy with everything I purchased.  Their items can be pricey, but i did save $30.00 off the above item I purchased with two coupons.  I also scored great this past summer at a retired Kindegarten Teacher's estate sale where I got numerous Lakeshore items for a super price!
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Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Table Setting

I saw this wonderful post from Mama Jenn about Setting the Table and i loved the idea.  I'm lazy, instead of finding, a large contrusction paper pad.   I just went and bought a pack of 50 placemats from the party store for $3.00.  Then I printed off the Nestle Place setting template that Mama Jenn used onto some holiday scrapbooking papers that i had in my stash.  I've gotten mixed reviews from my family & co-workers who think this may be a waste, but then i've also heard "my daughter is 12 and she still doesnt know how to set the table properly".  I took a drive to Lakeshore Learning this week for some holiday purchases and while i was there I was able to laminate the placemats!

fyi.  this was some older American Crafts Christmas papers that i had on hand.  I am looking forward to making some for January & February.  But for those i'm only making 4 placemats each.
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December bookshelf 2010 12

Here are the books I've place on the honor shelf in her bookcase this month..  We read from at least one of these books daily, but more often it's like 4-5 of them!

I have some more Christmas books to bring out, so i'm going to rotate some about mid-month, so that we read them all a couple of times this holiday season!
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Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas play-doh, December Playdoh of the Month, 2010 12

Naters is 39 months old.  I made her two playdoh's this month.  Natural color with 3 different red Martha Stewart fine glitters, scent is Gingerbread orange candle scent.  Green color with 3 different green Martha Stewart fine glitters, scent is Mistletoe & Ivy candle scent.  I used the same WIlton gel color (leaf green) as i did to color her rice in the December Sensory Tub from previous post.  The little Christmas cookie cutter pack I got from Hobby Lobby in their Christmas aisle package was marked 2.99 but i got it on sale for 40% off!  The size is perfect for toddler hands.  I dont hesitate with my glitter or scents, Naters has never been one to put anything but food into her mouth!

Look at those sparkles!!!
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas sensory tub, December Sensory Tub Christmas 2010 12

Naters is 39 months old!
Here is her December Sensory Tub.  For those who want to know, our tub is approximately 16" L x 11" W x 6" D.  Naters who weighs 30 lbs can sit in it, which she usually does at least once a month.  She also likes to stand in it in her bare feet to feel the textures on her feet!

here's whats in it:
3 lbs red colored rice (Wilton Christmas Red)
3 lbs green colored rice (Wilton Leaf Green)
3 wooden people (Daddy, Mommy, & Naters)
Red faceted beads large round
Green faceted beads rhombus large
Christmas buttons - polka dot
Flocked button shapes
Shaped Buttons (Trees, gingerbread, stocking, heart)
Red, Green & Purple glitter pom poms
Blue & Black pom poms
Red & Green porcupine balls
Multi-colored light bulb shaped beads (larger ones)
Painted Christmas themed wooden pieces
Silver, Red & Green jingle bells

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