Thursday, October 21, 2010

This week's Lessons & Book Bounty!

This week we are doing the letter Nn in Erica's Letter of the Week Curriculum.  I'm still introducing the letters in Handwriting without tears developmental teaching order.  I kinda thought since Naters knows her ABCs that she might ask why we aren't going in order but she has yet to say anything.  I also did get a chance to go to our local used book store and came home with 14 books for $5.00 and i was so happy to find A my name is Alice hardback!  what a wonderful, classic alphabet teaching book!!!  Sunday evenings I set aside 30 minutes to prepare my folders for the week and update the calendar with our shape, color, & number of the week as well as putting out the Sandpaper letters & flash cards for whatever letter we are doing for the week.  I normally do this without Naters involved, but this week I let her help me and she was thrilled to be setting things up for the coming week!  She enjoying being able to pick out the shape (square) , color (yellow) and number (Zero 0) of the week from each stash of cards.  from now on, i'm including her!!!  Dont Forget about my blog giveaway on my previous post.  comments open until October 31st!  Will draw a winner November 1st  fyi I've kept adding more to the prize--It's way more now!!!!  Thanks for looking -- becky

Friday, October 15, 2010

Alphabet Treasure Box and giveaway!

When I went with my niece (the teacher) down to Lakeshore Learning, she recommended their Alphabet Sounds Teaching Tubs as a wonderful teaching tool.  Outisde of the high cost, there was also the bulk of the item as a deterent.  Then i saw Mari-Ann's Alphabet Box at Counting Coconuts and I decided to go ahead with the box.  In putting this together the only further expense I had was to buy the box (got mine at Walmart for under $12) and I bought a $3 package of wild animals; the rest of the items I already had in the house!
I did do an internet search for five different alphabet charts, then i printed, laminated & cut them.  I also printed off Counting Coconuts alphabet charts onto blue & red cardstock to match the sandpaper letters that I made a couple months back.  I'm doing blue for consonants and red for vowels.  I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.  There are still a few ideas I have for certain drawers and the four remaining drawers in the container will be for holidays Easter, Halloween, Christmas & Birthday!


So the giveaway is an envelope of the extra laminated alphabet cards that i didn't use.  I have at least one card for every letter and in total you will get 48 mini laminated alphabet cards ready for your own alphabet treasure box.  Leave a comment and we will use a random generator to pick a winner on November 1st!!   Thanks for looking!  Becky
10-21-10 Updated Blog Giveaway Info! I've added more than 80 clip art images to go along with the letters for your alphabet box. I've printed them off on cardstock for you, and if you buy a box similar to mine; all the images are sized to fit in the box!!!  Leave only one comment here on the blog to be entered in the giveaway! Taking entries through October 31. I'll draw a winner on November 1st and get them in the mail to you ASAP! thanks for looking! becky

Monday, October 11, 2010

Library Building and our Halloween books

We've been building our children's library since Naters was born.  It's my favorite type of gifts that she gets.  We also have a newly opened used bookstore by us that is run by Project:  LEARN that teaches literacy to anyone, mainly adults.  I've purchased a lot of her books there and also at garage sales.  I'm putting these halloween inspired books out on the shelf in her bedroom so we can read them anytime or she can look through them when she pleases.
Thanks for looking!  becky

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Amazon has captured my shopping heart

I have always liked Amazon but couldn't say I LOVE IT until recenlty.  I love seeing an item on sale and the offer of free shipping with a $25.00 order!  I mean how can you beat it?  Here is the bounty from my last order.  I got the ZOOB set for 22.98 & free shipping, i am in heaven!
very happy with everything!  thanks for looking--becky

Friday, October 1, 2010

Halloween Sensory Tub & Playdoh of the Month, 2010 10, Halloween play-doh

Here is Naters' sensory tub for October
Theme:  Halloween
Medium:  Black Beans
Additives:  multi style beads, larges iridescent sequins, orange measuring cups, wooden spoon, glitter pom poms, 2 small tarts pans,  wooden candy corn beads (i dismantled a $1 necklace from JoAnn's),  various small gourds & pumpkins, some wooden decorative pieces.  I do have to add in our wooden family pieces!

Her Playdoh of the month is orange (scented with apple pie candle scent --i can't use cinnamon because her Dad dislikes strong scents like spice or cinnamon) and purple (scented with Grandma's Desserts candle oil) i also added non-toxic polyflake glitter.

Thanks for looking!  becky