Friday, August 27, 2010

Sandpaper Letters & Numbers

These are the sets of sandpaper letters and numbers I made for Naters when I had use of an Ellison die cut machine..  I put vowels in red, consonants in blue and the numbers in green.  I know this is what i've seen made commercially, so i just followed it.  I used coarse sandpaper (about 5 sheets).  Then I used my xyron to put sticky on the back and mounted the letters on 3"x4" pieces of cardstock.  Cost very minimal.

Thanks for looking!  Becky

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sensory tub ideas spreadsheet

I have this in excel.  If you want it as an excel file, email me and i will send it to you.

thanks for looking!  becky

Friday, August 13, 2010

Lakeshore Learning Shopping trip

Went with my niece, Karissa, who is a elementary special education teacher down to Columbus to go to the new Lakeshore Learning store that opened up.  Could have went buck wild in there, but I did control myself a little bit; but already making a list of things I'd like to get around Christmas break or in the Spring.
It was great to have her with me so she could help guide my purchases or ideas for purchases!
I did make some art supply purchases.  I'm struggling with adding in arts & crafts, and i'm sure anyone who knows me is shocked by that since i'm always doing crafty things in my spare time.  I have bought some little foamies crafts kits, do-a-dot markers, glue sticks, tissue paper squares so i' have supplies now i just have to be like Nike--Just do it!   Thanks for looking!  becky

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

beach sensory tub, ocean sensory tub, August Sensory tub & homemade playdoh of the month, 2010 08

Naters turns 3 years old later this month!
Here is her sensory tub & playdough of the month.  Theme is summer beach party!
playdough is aqua colored with white glitter sparkles ocean scented!
thanks for looking!

2010 08, What's in the workboxes, August

These are the 10 workboxes and she has a stand next to it that i always put an open-ended toy on (bristle blocks, bright builders, lincoln logs, etc on.  For this month i put out bright builders since the colors
coordinate with our theme this month which is summer beach party! since Naters turns 3 later this month.  She is so excited about her birthday party!  Anyways, back to the workboxes.  I'm introducing her to
do-a-dot markers and a glue stick this month.  she's shown a great interst in arts & crafts these last two months so i'm delving into some arts & crafts with her in the workboes this month before our Letter of the Week Curriculum !  For the color pages i just put color beads (enough for each letter) and want to do it as a color matching.  The do-a-dot markers will not be in her workbox drawer.  if she wants to do art, i have them on top of my computer desk and i will supervise use so they don't end up on the walls or elsewhere.  The ABC puzzle from one of  Carisa's Totbooks  I just printed two pages, cut one up so she can do as a puzzle.  Pages from Kumon Tracing and simple Mazes books.  I cut up some one inch strips of card stock from scrap i had for the first glue stick page.

Tomorrow I will post picks of her August sensory tub & Playdough of the Month
Thanks for looking!