Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Every day IS special

This is something I have struggled with for a very long time.  I always wants to save something--whatever it is for a "special" day.  Could be new kitchen towels, a gourmet dip, a purse, an outfit or just anything.   A little bit of hoarder I guess, but I always want to have something wonderful for a "special" day.  This summer I've been learning that each & every day is a "SPECIAL" day.  Doesn't matter if it is time in the pool, having popcorn & movie night, playing games, or our nightly reading time.  So I admit it is something i struggle with and I am working on.  Tonight, Naters asked me to break out the chocolate fondue.  I caught myself saying, "let's save it"-- I zipped my lips and went to get it out.  After all, an evening with my daughter (my gift), our little nuclear family IS special!  TODAY IS SPECIAL!!!!  We did a Caramel Milk chocolate fondue with Nutter Butter cookies, Vanilla wafers, mini marshmallows & pretzel sticks.  It's what I had since it was so spontaneous after all!  Thanks for loooking!  becky

Friday, July 20, 2012

Alpha Tales, Phonics Tales and Sight Word tales Books

Purchased these three Scholastic sets at Costco this month for under $20.00 each set!  Considering the prices on Amazon, I think I got a great deal!  Naters has been reading them or at least looking through them each day since we bought them!  The other books I purchased at our local used book store store $3.00!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4th Holiday

We made jello jigglers in the 4th of July mold I bought recently at our local Marc's store.  Then we made STAINED GLASS JELLO from pictures I saw on Pinterest.  Have a safe & Happy 4th of July!!!