Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Every day IS special

This is something I have struggled with for a very long time.  I always wants to save something--whatever it is for a "special" day.  Could be new kitchen towels, a gourmet dip, a purse, an outfit or just anything.   A little bit of hoarder I guess, but I always want to have something wonderful for a "special" day.  This summer I've been learning that each & every day is a "SPECIAL" day.  Doesn't matter if it is time in the pool, having popcorn & movie night, playing games, or our nightly reading time.  So I admit it is something i struggle with and I am working on.  Tonight, Naters asked me to break out the chocolate fondue.  I caught myself saying, "let's save it"-- I zipped my lips and went to get it out.  After all, an evening with my daughter (my gift), our little nuclear family IS special!  TODAY IS SPECIAL!!!!  We did a Caramel Milk chocolate fondue with Nutter Butter cookies, Vanilla wafers, mini marshmallows & pretzel sticks.  It's what I had since it was so spontaneous after all!  Thanks for loooking!  becky

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