Thursday, September 30, 2010

Naters' evolving classroom

So i really do like the calendar from Learning Resources and all that it came with, but it didn't cover everything I've wanted and seen in other's peoples circle time activities.  So I bought a black foam
board, printed out Carisa's Calendar Printables  , also used Confessions of a Homeschooler's LOTW emergency info sheet,  and some Letter formation charts from HWOT parents page.  I did make up my own color and shape of the week cards because i wanted them to also match up with my Shape Viewers  /Shape Finders that I have previously blogged about.  Instead of doing shape & color of the day-I'm changing it to weekly.

Thanks for looking--becky

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2010 October Halloween Craft purchases

Halloween crafting Items purchased with Michaels 25% off entire purchase coupon
and some gift cards. Like I’ve said in previous posts; as crafting-natured as I am I’ve been slow to introduce crafts to Naters. I purposely went looking for some Halloween craft items things for her. SHE LOVES ALL THE HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS IN THE STORES. We usually have to go down the aisle with the light-up houses a couple times each visit. What are the purchases? 4 Halloween sticker books, one poofy ball bat kit, a pumpkin tissue paper mosaic, 2 pkgs Halloween erasers, ghost & spider stickers, 3 mini Perler® kits, one Halloween necklace kits, Halloween chenille sticks, some painted wooden pieces, and FOAMIE® kits (witches hat, pumpkin, ghost, skeleton, Frankenstein, large glitter pumpkin and an 8 pack photo frame kit. For the photo frames, I’m going to put in a pic of her in Halloween costume and mail them to family members—after I add a magnet to back for them.

pumpkin & cat 3D foamie® mosaics, Chenille bat, feltie® pumpkins to decorate, smaller erasers for sensory tub, and a little halloween totebag she can use with her sensory tub in october. Thanks for looking! becky

Friday, September 24, 2010

Number Sequence Puzzles

My niece who is a teacher, says the number & alphabet sequence puzzles from Lakeshore Learning are quite a hit in her class.   You get 3 wooden puzzles for 10.95.  She also gave me the idea to make my own.  Naters is into the Disney princesses and fairies so i made her some of these.  I'm working on the alphabet ones, but since i have to splice pages i'm having to teach myself something new on the computer.
I just printed on cardstock, laminated and cut into strips.  makes a great Tot School Activity and incorprates well into our Letter of the Week Curriculum  Very portable and works well as an activity bag for taking on trips or outings.

Thanks for looking and enjoy! becky

Monday, September 20, 2010

pom pom numbers

Naters wanted to do Carisa's Pom Pom Numbers.  we started out with tiny pom poms, which didnt go so well.  i brought out my  Learning Resources transparent color counting chips and she did them without a fuss.  I bought these counters not sure how i'd use them but thought they were colorful & inexpensive and I must say we use them in so many ways!  This week we started with the Letter D from Letter of the Week Curriculum and i can see an improvement in Naters pencil and prewriting skills. 

thanks for looking!  becky

Monday, September 13, 2010

Montessori practical life

We got a new pack of beginning chopsticks and Naters couldn't wait to use them.  So i had her do a pom pom color sorting activity.  She enjoyed it and did it a couple of times!  Great TOT SCHOOL activity
Thanks for looking!  beacky

Friday, September 10, 2010

Our first week of preschool at home

Naters is 36 months old. Took a lot of work to get prepared.  lots of time on the computer.  lots of ink cartirdges printing everything out and boxes & boxes of laminating pouches (laminating is optional - but even 1 week in i'm glad i did it)  I was way nervous; doubting myself and my decision but now that we have started I think we are going to be fine.  The first two days she was even asking for more school work.  We seemed to have found a routine and so far it is working very well.  I'm introducing the letters to her in Handwriting without Tears developmental teaching order.  She already knows her ABCs and hasnt said a word that we are starting with the letter F.  Doesn't take too long to prepare each day.  I'm still working out my system on that, but can't complain. 

We are using Erica's Letter of the Week Curriculum and also some Tot Books & Packs by Carisa
Here is Naters working from the Farm Tot Pack since we are doing the letter Ff this week

Have a great weekend!  Thanks for looking!  becky

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Guidecraft 3D Feel & Find

Amazon had a deal on a new one for $9.97 with free shipping with a $25.00 order
so i got a couple of things off our preschool wish list (including the feel & find game) and i already
got it.  Naters has played with it a few times!  very well made toy!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our Nurturing Naters Classroom

This is our calendar & weather chart, her desk and workboxes.
Each month, I'm going to let her help with decorating her school area.

Friday, September 3, 2010

School sensory tub, September Sensory Tub & Playdoh of the Month, 2010 09

This is Nater's Sensory Tub and Playdough of the month.  I'm getting ready to start our Preschool at Home next week.    I purchased Erica's Letter of the Week  Curriculum.  I've decided to go with Handwriting Without Tears Developmental Teaching Order, so our first four letters will be F E D P.
Which is why you see those four letters on her Playdough tray.  I also had a fish and dinosaur cookie cutter to match the letters we are introducing this month so i put them on the tray also.  I purchased the Wilton 101 box of cookie cutters by Carisa's Tot School supply reccomendation and we love them!

The playdough is natural color with a rainbow assortment of Martha Stewart Glitters and is Applie Pie scented!  YUMMY. 
Thanks for looking!  Becky