Friday, September 10, 2010

Our first week of preschool at home

Naters is 36 months old. Took a lot of work to get prepared.  lots of time on the computer.  lots of ink cartirdges printing everything out and boxes & boxes of laminating pouches (laminating is optional - but even 1 week in i'm glad i did it)  I was way nervous; doubting myself and my decision but now that we have started I think we are going to be fine.  The first two days she was even asking for more school work.  We seemed to have found a routine and so far it is working very well.  I'm introducing the letters to her in Handwriting without Tears developmental teaching order.  She already knows her ABCs and hasnt said a word that we are starting with the letter F.  Doesn't take too long to prepare each day.  I'm still working out my system on that, but can't complain. 

We are using Erica's Letter of the Week Curriculum and also some Tot Books & Packs by Carisa
Here is Naters working from the Farm Tot Pack since we are doing the letter Ff this week

Have a great weekend!  Thanks for looking!  becky

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