Wednesday, August 8, 2012

public Kindergarten or homeschool?

What have we been doing all Summer?  We have had swimming lessons, lotsa time in our pool, playdates with friends, playgrounds, picnics, just ENJOYING THE SUMMER TIME!!!  Planning Naters birthday party.  She turns five this month.  As parents, we've been trying to decide between public school or homeschooling.  I have been pretty resistant to homeschooling Naters since she is basically an only shild.  She does have a step-brother who is 44, so basically she in the only kid at home.  I've just been worried about her friendly personality changing if he were to stay home and have me homeschool her and also her just being at home with me day in and day out.  It's been such a difficult decision because the most important issue for me is to do what is best for her!  Easiest for us is to put her in public school where she'll go to Kindergarten five full days a week.  Full-day Kindergarten is mandatory in our school district.   On the pro-side I've seen that she has educationally done very well with the tot schooling and preschool we've been doing at home.  On the negative side, I feel that I am not qualified to teach her to read.  I had trouble learning to read, went to remedial reading and wasnt able to catch up to my own grade level until nearly the end of the third grade.  That is a big mental hurdle for me to over come.  Will post our decision in just two weeks since that is when she'd have to begin public school.  She goes for her KRAL on August 14th.

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