Thursday, December 30, 2010

December, the month in review, 2010

The December Christmas sensory tub this month was a HUGE hit, but the excitement over the tub also brought about BRISK play = more rice on the floor than i like.  i've been vacumming daily; but i guess it's worth it.  I am looking forward to bringing out the january tub (no rice) though!  This month we focused on Christmas, and we used both Carisa's Nativity Preschool Pack as well as Erica's Preschool Christmas Activities both were a hit and she wanted to do something each & every day, even Christmas day we were playing with Prekinder's Christmas Pattern block mats!

I'm sorry to see this month end because we have had so much fun with the different activities & crafts.  In Jan, Feb & Mar, I do want to focus on a weekly field trip, just so we can be out of the house.  We live in Ohio and we have pretty intense winters here, and i don't want us to have cabin fever from being inside all the time.  Just have to work around my work schedule......
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  1. Hello-great post! What are you planning for your January sensory tub. Ours will be winter /snow themed (we lived in England so our winters are very cold lol)