Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas play-doh, December Playdoh of the Month, 2010 12

Naters is 39 months old.  I made her two playdoh's this month.  Natural color with 3 different red Martha Stewart fine glitters, scent is Gingerbread orange candle scent.  Green color with 3 different green Martha Stewart fine glitters, scent is Mistletoe & Ivy candle scent.  I used the same WIlton gel color (leaf green) as i did to color her rice in the December Sensory Tub from previous post.  The little Christmas cookie cutter pack I got from Hobby Lobby in their Christmas aisle package was marked 2.99 but i got it on sale for 40% off!  The size is perfect for toddler hands.  I dont hesitate with my glitter or scents, Naters has never been one to put anything but food into her mouth!

Look at those sparkles!!!
Thanks for looking!

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