Wednesday, April 28, 2010

absent but working on school

I've been putting together the tot packs & tot books that I got from Carisa's great site.  I also printed off, laminated & completed the letter A from Erica's Letter of the week Curriculum.   This is a great deal for $10.00.  I will have pics to follow soon, I promise!

Hit some frugal pay dirt with a used book store that opened up locally for Project: Learn (an adult literacy program).  I  was lucky enough to find some books for different school themes & holidays as well as just for fun books.  Walked out with a loaded grocery bag full of books for $23.00, yeah baby!

From craigslist locally, I was able to purchase four gently used discovery toys for $25.00!  so those will be useful with learning!

My plan is to officially start school after her 3rd birthday this August, but I have been doing tot tray activities with her for about 3 months and she has enjoyed the activities!  she's done sorting, dry pouring, transferring etc.  I'm amazed at how they will keep her occupied and how she'll keep going back to the tray all day long for periods of time. 

I pray I'm doing my best by her here at home rather than putting her in the Montessori vs Prep Academy we were debating between.  I do feel so much more at peace with the decision to keep her home this year and to try to encourage & assist her learning here!

look for pictures soon!

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