Saturday, February 5, 2011

V is for Valentine's Letter of the week work

Naters is 41 months oldMonday we started with Valnetine's inspired actiities in her workboxes.  This week we are doing Erica's Letter of the Week Curriculum Natalie is really enjoying this week.  She did tell me she is getting bored with the do a dot marker stuff though, hmmm.  I'm very happy with her scissor work and her pre writing skills.  She's really come a long way since we started preschool at home this past fall!  With the bottle cap picture you see two letters off to the side.  when i put the letters in the bowl for Naters', I usually include two extra letters that she doesn't need so she has to think and not just do a matching exercise.  She does very well with it.  I'm happy she is letting me takes pics of her school work.  She will even say, "take a picture for your scrapbook"  I LUV IT!

Next week, the plan is to do Michelle's Valentine's Day pack
Thanks for looking!

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