Friday, April 29, 2011

Organizing Foamies Sticker Buckets / Bags

I like to buy these FOAMIES sticker buckets in themes to go along with our Letter of the Week curriculum, sensory tubs or holidays when i have coupons for Joanns, Michael or Hobby Lobby, but sometimes a local merchant here, Pat Catan's has a great price too!  So in thinking ahead for summer ( we will be doing an oecan theme, Birthday theme, Insect & Bug theme, and a disney Theme--we are going to disney world in Sept).  I found this Foamies Under the Sea sticker bucket!  This is what i do with my bucket or large bag of stickers when i buy them. 
1.  open up the entire package and sort it out.  I also poke out things like eyes, etc.
2.  figure out how many baggies i can fill the same way (colors may vary but the number of stickers/subject  stays the same)
3.  sort out however many I know I can get.  In this Under the Sea tub, I was able to divide the package into Seven baggies equally and set the extra aside.
4.  print of labels and label each bag. 
5.  I can also use a package i've divided up for a Birthday party, our crafting preschoolers group etc.  Having them presorted & bagged also makes for a quickie craft we can take with us somewhere and I like knowing she can share these with her little friends!  I also like doing it this way so not just one sticker type is used on a page.  So far I've done this with Patriotic, Princess, Zoo Animals, Space,  Lady bugs & Flowers, Insects, animals, Butterflies & Flowers, and Sweets. 

Thanks for looking!

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