Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rainforest sensory tub, Rainforest Preschool Theme Rain Forest

Naters is 4 yrs 1 month old.  Since I don't want to do an entire month of halloween activities, I decided to squeeze in Rainforest before we start Halloween.  In November we will do Fall, Leaves, & Thanksgiving!  This is the Rain Forest Sensory Tub that I made for Naters.

I wanted to use coffee beans because it's one of the major crops of the rain forest, but they are just too expensive.  I found these rich, earthy looking french lentils at Earth Fare and bought about 5 lbs for her sensory tub.
medium:  French lentils
additives:  two wooden bowls, wooden tongs, Rain Forest toob, frogs & turtles toob, and Tree toob
extras:  small porcupine balls, four diffent types of beads in the 1 wooden bowl (represents water), and other bead--red, orange, yellow, purple (different shapes & textures)
thanks for looking!

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