Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Homemade Bath Crayons!

I saw these on a couple of blogs and thought what a great idea.  I bought an ice cube tray for water bottles (WalMart) and one lb of meltable olive oil soap (bought with 40% off coupon).  I already had on hand the wilton gel food colorings.  Made all of these for about $3.00, and still have 1/2 lb of soap left.
Ideas are swirling in my head for what I can do with future batches (scents, glitter, mica powders)!!!
thanks for looking!


  1. Hey! I saw this post on Pinterest and those crayons look awesome! I made some awhile ago and used regular food coloring and they were nice colors, but didn't actually show up on the bathtub... do yours work well as actual crayons?

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  3. Can you post the recipe? The links to most bath crayons on Pinterest lead to a url that has been taken down.

  4. Can you please post the recipe?