Tuesday, December 17, 2013

First seven days with the *Sparkles* the Elf

This is the 2nd year we are doing Elf on the Shelf.  Natalie's elf is named, *Sparkles*
Day 1 - North Pole Breakfast with a flurry of snowflakes & Elf on the Shelf Ornament
Day 2 - Dry erase writing on the mirror ELVES RULES, GNOMES DROOL!  Be good!
Merry Christmas!  Love, *Sparkles*
Day 3 - *Sparkles* introduced him/herself to our kitty (new to the family this year)
Day 4 - Crepe Paper her bedroom & bathroom doors in her favorite colors (A favorite from last year redone!)
Day 5 - Elf sized Dunkin Donuts (Cheerios with frosting and Christmas sprinkles)
Day 6 - Holiday Lights Cruise around the Christmas Tree on the Barbie Cruise ship with  2 Barbie   friends
Day 7 - Movie night with a new movies and popcorn!


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