Tuesday, May 18, 2010

working on the letters

Naters is now 33 months old!  I've been working, printing & laminating away.  I've gotten to H of the Letter of the Week Curriculum.  it's been a lot of work but i can do it in short time stretches also so that helps.  Naters really likes playing with the milk cap letters I made like Erica showed.  I made up about 6 sets of the alphabet.  I'm doing up letter pages for each family member with pictures so I wanted Naters to have enough letters to do the whole family at one time.  I also did up some milk cap letters pages (taught myself Microsoft publisher!) for Mickey Mouse, Bolt (one of her fav movies), and the Disney Princesses.  I made up additional ones for each letter of the alphabet,  Once I figure out 4shared.com, I'll put them up for anyone who wants to download them.  Naters and I are taking a road trip this Friday, so I made her up some smaller games & made my first I Spy or Find it! bottle game for her.  It came out OK, but I'd like to make the next one much more colorful!
Have a wonderful week!

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  1. wow, there's just so much to consider ... i never realised...

    It's all homeschool preschool craziness for me today!