Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June Sensory Tub, 2010 06, Rainbow sensory tub, Food sensory tub

June Sensory Tub; Theme: Food

Filler is Rainbow rice that we made as a family (yes, Steve helped can you believe it!)
items: Two spoons, one male wooden person, two female wooden people (to represent our family),
one red heart marble (i made it with my heart), mini muffin pan, fruit shaped reusable ice cubes $1,
4 red spotted bead (reminds me of strawberries), green beads (green vegetables), two brown square beads (chocolate), jewels (girls should always have jewels), clear glass jewels (ice & water), a purple fish (we like to eat fish), a small tiki glass for her to fill with rice or beads & marbles, little mini clips. 
This is my first sensory tub! 
thanks for looking

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