Thursday, June 24, 2010

Montessori inspired Sand tray & our garage sale wonders!

this is my first montessori inspired sand tray for naters.  I think im going to cut to fit a black piece of cardstock, laminate it and put it on the bottom.  sand for box was $0.69 at craft store.  container 5x8  was $1.00 at the dollar store.  i actually bought two bags of sand and only needed one.  sand was too deep with two bags.  At garage sales today we purchased a lower case alphabet puzzle for $1, a melissa & doug alphabet art puzzle for $1, and the game Pengoloo $2.00.  In addition to the learning toys, I got her two small glass pitchers, a 2-section glass dish, a 3-section glass dish, 2 mini ice cube trays and a wooden tray w/ handles all for $2.00 for practical life exercises!   Also colored some rice red & blue for her July sensory tub.  I did an experiment with trying to color dried nanvy beans but with the skin on them the coloring was uneven and the beans didnt look so great so i scratched using the beans and went with tried & true rice.  took a lot of coloring to get the blue and red deep enough but was worth it! 
Look for July's sensory tub & playdoh (playdough) of the month next week!
thanks for looking!

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