Monday, July 12, 2010

Estate Sales & Garage Sales

You know sometimes going to garage sales is similar to kissing frogs.  Most times you are just kissing a frog, rarely do they turn into a prince.  So i figure you have to go to 10 iffy garage sales to get one really good one.
this week i hit it lucky.  was in an older neighborhood i didnt want to go to but my husband wanted to go.  He was driving so i went along.  Boy did I hit the motherload!  It was an estate sale for a kindergarten teacher of 30 years!!!  I found numerous Lakeshore Learning items but i had to limit myself.  The sight words sentence builder kit was still in its original wrapping.  everything was in wonderful shape!  all this for $19.00! what a deal!


  1. I love garage sales! I teach kindergarten and once found a puppet of "There Was An Old Woman Who Swallowed A Fly". I'd been thinking about purchasing this puppet(which comes with all the things she swallows) from a catalog. When I found her at the garage sale, I grabbed her up!My students love her!!

  2. any chance you would sell the lakeshore sight word sentence builder kit? I'm have been looking for one everywhere. Email me at