Monday, January 10, 2011

January Bookshelf, 2011 01,

These are the books on our honor shelf this month.  She has two bookcases, one in her room and one near her classroom, but i keep selected books out on a special shelf for one month, usually to go with our theme for that month.  This month in keeping with winter, snowman & snowflakes here are the selections for the month:

The Snow Bear and the the Little Penguin books have embossed pages and she loves running her fingers over the pages!

Sensory Tub update:  this is the first month i've used such a light weight medium (filler) in her tub.  i used mini glitter poms poms.  In other tubs i always add in large poms for texture and she plays with them.   with this tub, she just keeps sifting out all the texture items (beads, buttons, etc) and leaving the poms in the tub.  This is by far not her favorite tub, but she still plays with it a little each day without any prompting.  She definitely prefers the rice, beans, popcorn type mediums (filler) in her sensory tubs.  Just keepin' it real folks!

I'm going to be hosting a preschooler craft day at our house 1-2 saturdays a month through winter, so i'll post those projects in the following weeks also.  I've got the first two sessions crafts picked out.  Naters is excited!

Thanks for looking!

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