Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Paint chip Mosaic

I saw a post about the free paint chip samples you can get at most stores from My HomeMade Montessori and kept thinking about getting the samples and what i'd do with them.  i'm sure there are tons of ideas out there I just haven't had time to investigate.  I stopped at Walmart on my way into work one night to get a salad for my lunch an remembered to run by the paint section and get some paint samples.  I got a rainbow of assorted colors.  Then came home and cut them up and put them in a baggie.  Naters loves to do crafts and i figured we'd be able to make some kind of paint chip mosaics as a craft.  We are doing a farm theme for the month, so i pulled out a letter F page.  She wanted to apply the glue with a paint brush (she was offered glue stick, a bottle of glue, or glue in a cup with a paint brush) so I gave her the glue in a souffle cup, a paint brush, blank letter F sheet, the container of cut up paint chips and let her go! 

This was definitely cheap, easy and fun! For Naters (she's 45 months old) using the paint chips was much easier for her to do than the tissue paper squares which is a too flimsy to hold up to very much handling (when wet with glue)   Another thrifty tip:  I got these plastic souffle cups with lids in bulk for $3.00.  i also have the craft cups from oriental trading co. (which i do like) but I like the souffle cups better.  they can be washed and reused; i like the small quanity they hold  (great portion control for crafting) and when you put the lid on you can save glue or paint for next use.  So glad i got them!  You'll like them too!
Thanks for looking! 

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