Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Alphabet Sensory Bin

This has been in the making since May.  I actually bought the pasta on sale back in April or May.  I colored over 5 lbs. of the pasta in May using Wilton gel food coloring.  I've been purchasing, finding, copying things to go in to the bin since then.  We do Letter of the Week so I just thought this would enhance the learning since I made the Alphabet sounds treasure box last year.  I got the idea for this sensory box from Stephanie at Playing House.  This is the base sensory box and then i can add/change things to it for each letter using things from our alphabet sounds treasure box and also items i've picked up specifically for our Alphabet sensory bin!

So I'll take think from my Alphabet sounds box and put them into the alphabet sensory box when we are doing that letter!
Thanks for looking!


  1. I LOVE this box!!! How do you get such bold colors on your pasta?

  2. so fun! We have one like it and love it!