Friday, November 2, 2012

2012 Christmas Planner

I downloaded and read the Ebook, Untangling Christmas at Untangling Christmas.Org then I made myself a binder as suggested.  I ended up with more tabs in my binder and I also went with a 3-inch binder, they recommended a 1 inch. 
 My tabs are
1. Calendars / To Do lists
I printed off some cute page calendars for the month of November & December from the internet and now im filling up the spaces!
2. To Give / Christmas gift lists
(I have my Christmas gifts lists back to 2007 on my computer)
3. To Mail (I have in here a zipper pocket for stamps and my address list from my computer for Christmas cards & mailing packages
4. Operation Christmas Child
5. Brunswick Eagle Christmas Basket Program
6. To Bake & Recipes
                                                                                    7.  To Thank
8. Elf of the Shelf I've found some free ideas lists and printables from the internet that i've printed and put in here, including an eld introduction letter
9. Truth In the Tinsel  We are going to do either a Jesse Tree or Truth int he Tinsel this year but i have to reseach nd decide on one so i put both in the since I have printed off materials for them
10. Jesse Tree

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