Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Spring

Happy Spring...hmmm we have a wood fire in the fireplace and i think it's 31 degrees outside.  I decided to let Naters do a Foamie sticker sheet.  I have many ziploc bags full or various types of foamies strickers, so i went through them to gather up what i could for a Spring themed sticker sheet.  While i had them all out, I also put together a few more themed mini bags i can grab for her to another sticker sheet in the upcoming months.  For the activity, I put out two bowls for Naters; one filled with the assortment of Foamies stickers and an empty one for the peeled off sticker backing. 
This is proudly displayed on the fridge currently!  This was cheap fun and she asked to do another right away!
Thanks for looking

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  1. great idea! My two love stickers-I always look out for them in the pound (dollar?) shops lol