Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nurturing Naters HSV Garden Challenge post #1

Hi we have decided to participate in the HSV Garden Challenge.  I was planning on a gardening sensory tub for the month of May.  Where we live, May is usually the month people start to plant their annuals.  Around Mothers Day is a time to start planting.  I will admit my husband is the outside guru.  He has a dedicated garden area, fruit tree, berry bushes, grape vines, and he also likes his flowers.  He started most of his plants from seed and has been tenderly caring for them in the house.  He does all the canning and the jelly making.  I wont take his credit because this is all him and Naters.  She loves being outside with him.  Naters loves to help in plant, weed, water and then pick the veggies & berries.  This year i hope he teaches her more about planting & caring for the plants and well as parts of the plant & flowers.  She defintely has a HUGE tomboy side to her....

The above pics are his garden and in the 2nd pic you can see a bit of the grapevines.
Thanks for looking!


  1. Okay, I'm jealous of your hubby's green thumb. My hubby has one too-but he spends his time and energy on the farming. But your husband does canning, too? Very nice!

  2. What a beautiful garden! I love the pic with the riding lawn mower, it looks like she is having a really good time :)

  3. NICE grape vines! My dad grew them in NY when I was a kid - and they overtook our back deck!

    Thanks for joining us! Next link up is April 28th at 10am est.

    Stef - HSV TEAM