Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Princess Lacing Cards

We are planning a trip to Walt Disney World in September of this year.  I've started planning and putting together activities for our trip (both in flight and during down time each day).  I decided to make Natalie some lacing cards, some were printed on full sheets and some are 5x7.  I figure the smaller ones will travel well.
I've also made her some Easter ones, I'll be showing in a couple of weeks.  I got the images free off the itnernet.  Just printed on heavy cardstock, laminated and cut them out!  Once we decide on a theme for her Birthday party, I think i'll make lacing cards as a gift in the kids goodie bags!  Easy & frugal to make!
thanks for looking

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  1. great idea- we have a few aeroplane trips in the next months so will be making some of these!