Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nurturing Naters HSV Garden Challenge post #1

Hi we have decided to participate in the HSV Garden Challenge.  I was planning on a gardening sensory tub for the month of May.  Where we live, May is usually the month people start to plant their annuals.  Around Mothers Day is a time to start planting.  I will admit my husband is the outside guru.  He has a dedicated garden area, fruit tree, berry bushes, grape vines, and he also likes his flowers.  He started most of his plants from seed and has been tenderly caring for them in the house.  He does all the canning and the jelly making.  I wont take his credit because this is all him and Naters.  She loves being outside with him.  Naters loves to help in plant, weed, water and then pick the veggies & berries.  This year i hope he teaches her more about planting & caring for the plants and well as parts of the plant & flowers.  She defintely has a HUGE tomboy side to her....

The above pics are his garden and in the 2nd pic you can see a bit of the grapevines.
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Spring

Happy Spring...hmmm we have a wood fire in the fireplace and i think it's 31 degrees outside.  I decided to let Naters do a Foamie sticker sheet.  I have many ziploc bags full or various types of foamies strickers, so i went through them to gather up what i could for a Spring themed sticker sheet.  While i had them all out, I also put together a few more themed mini bags i can grab for her to another sticker sheet in the upcoming months.  For the activity, I put out two bowls for Naters; one filled with the assortment of Foamies stickers and an empty one for the peeled off sticker backing. 
This is proudly displayed on the fridge currently!  This was cheap fun and she asked to do another right away!
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Consignment sales LUV 'EM!!!!

Naters is 43 months old!
Went to a local semi-annual Big Red Wagon consignment sale here in my area!

Naters & I were very happy with my finds!!!
NEW Leap Pad Toy Story 2 (1st grade reading)
NEW Art Smock with crayons & watercolors
NEW Crayola trace 'n draw
Tonka Chuck 9 mini trucks & truck hauler
ORB Magnetic Mosaics
Rain Slicker
Disney Pooh Denim Jacket
Summer dress
two summer outfits
two fall/winter outfits
ALL THIS for $55.00
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Princess Lacing Cards

We are planning a trip to Walt Disney World in September of this year.  I've started planning and putting together activities for our trip (both in flight and during down time each day).  I decided to make Natalie some lacing cards, some were printed on full sheets and some are 5x7.  I figure the smaller ones will travel well.
I've also made her some Easter ones, I'll be showing in a couple of weeks.  I got the images free off the itnernet.  Just printed on heavy cardstock, laminated and cut them out!  Once we decide on a theme for her Birthday party, I think i'll make lacing cards as a gift in the kids goodie bags!  Easy & frugal to make!
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March Playdoh, 2011 03

After hearing from you, I realized I hadn't posted her March Playdoh of the Month.  Sorry!  I went with natural color and added green (Martha Stewart) and holographic (polyflake) glitters.  Clean cotton candle oil scent.  I think i may have added too much glitter, this batch seems a bit gritty but Naters doesnt seem to mind. 
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Naters' favorite Toys, March 2011

Naters is 42 months old!

Hands down her favorite is Lakeshore's Picture words Bingo! She'll play this multi times a day and a few games at a time. we even got our visitors to play it with us on Sunday! Other current favs are, Melissa & Doug's woooden shape sorting clock (25% off Kohl's & used a gift card), M&D's Bear family dress up puzzle ($3.00 garage sale find), Discovery Toys Busy Bugs ($6.00 Craigslist), she also plays with her sensory tub, playdoh and something art related (crayons, pip squeak markers, or watercolors) every day.  Please let me know what your toys are the big hits with your todder & preschoolers!
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Sensory Bin, 2011 03, St. Patrick's Day sensory tub

Naters is 42months old!  I went with a green theme for Naters' sensory tub this month.  Although i have her yellow & green lentils from a previous sensory bin, i was unable to find them, so i went with great northern beans.  I've worked the last few nights, or i would have just done green colored rice.  I know, i'm a slacker!!! haha
I do have to say, when other kids coming over to play with Naters, they go right to the sensory tub; this is such a huge with Naters and the other kids! 
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